I am a conceptual product designer whom questions society with my creative approach. I am intrinsically drawn to how people interact with the world and the things that surround them.

I believe that the world must not be accepted as it is. ‘Why’ is a question that must be asked as a daily practice, and this ‘why’ is a constant theme throughout my work.


I take a serious problem and solve it in a joyful, playful way.

My designs are not normal, and they’re not intended to be.





Design a product that relieves the sense of anxiety when leaving personal belongings within a coffee shop environment. The design must turn the act of stealing into an obvious task and must be installed with ease into a coffee shop interior.



Within coffee shops, people tend to leave their bags out of sight under the table. Therefore, this pulley system is designed to turn this hidden stash into one that is obvious and within the line of sight of the coffee shop community. The coffee shop community then acts as the security for the personal belongings.




Collages have been created in order to develop and translate a strong sense of atmosphere that stash. creates when installed within the coffee shop.




The final product is one that is purchased as a packaged object that comes with instructions, meaning that the buyer (coffee shop owner) is able to install the product themselves.




A4 Brochure Inside psd.png
Large Open NEW_.png

The product is made up of existing parts, meaning that these parts need to be packaged in a professional manner. This creates a more legitimate, trustworthy product.




stash. - the final proposition.

The final, award nominated proposition shows the coffee shop user interacting with stash. Pulling their bag to a height in which they feel most comfortable with for their social situation. 

A product video has also been produced in order to express the design and function of stash.

Video Link



stash. - close up_1.JPG

2018 to present day.

1 Ranscombe Farm Cottage, Cuxton, Kent c

For the past two years I have been working for a small architectural services business. Throughout this time I have been producing domestic architectural drawings for customers all over the South-East of the UK.

This process consists of meetings with clients, surveying properties, and producing architectural drawings via AutoCAD software.


This has enabled me to develop my ability to communicate with customers and to successfully fulfil the brief provided.


The product was created after observing that people naturally hang their coats on the back of chairs. 

So I took a humorous, thought provoking, playful approach and designed 'The Half Chair'. This conceptual design takes old, reclaimed chairs and gives them an entirely new use. Users are able to hang their coats on the back of the chairs, creating an elegant array of hanging coats within the hallway. The aim of this piece is to initiate conversation and spread happiness when people walk passed it. 

Half Chair.png


This product was developed after gathering many stories of people spending time in green space and being unpleasantly pestered by seagulls.

The Ultra Gull is a hand held ultrasound emitting wand that green space users point towards seagulls in order to deter them. The aim of this design is to allow user's to have a more pleasing, comfortable experience in green space. However, this is also a fun, comical device to use, meaning that users are going to enjoy using it. This device is designed to be played with and provoke conversation.

The Flexi Lamp - an industrial table lamp that enables users to adjust the neck of the lamp in order to create a more personalised form.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 19.14.16.png

The Rolling Mug Warmer - an office product that allows the user to keep their hot beverage at a constant temperature, reducing the amount of hot drinks being poured away due to them going cold. This product also allows the user to play with the rolling mug whilst working, encouraging creativity.