My Work

When designing, I like to construct collages in order to develop and translate a strong sense of atmosphere that a product /environment is intended to create when installed. This collage is from a recent project where I looked into 'leaving personal belongings within the coffee shop'. The stash. pulley mechanism allows users to make their personal belongings more obvious, making it more difficult for things to be stolen. The act of stealing becomes more exaggerated.

Dutch collage.png


stash. - close up_1.JPG


I enjoy photography and videography. This is the final product image for my 'leaving personal belongings in the coffee shop' project. This was especially tough to produce as it was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A product video has also been produced in order to express the design and function of stash.

Video Link


Illustration can be so powerful when it comes to translating a design idea.

This illustration is from my most recent product design project 'leaving personal belongings in the coffee shop' and it clearly expresses the functionality of the design idea and how the user interacts with it.



stash. illustration.jpg
Half Chair.png


Solving problems in an unusual, yet functional way has always been an enjoyable process for me. This particular project looked at 'hanging coats in the hallway'.

​I took a humorous, thought provoking, playful approach and designed 'The Half Chair'. This conceptual design takes old, reclaimed chairs and gives them an entirely new use. Users are able to hang their coats on the back of the chairs, creating an elegant array of hanging coats within the hallway. The aim of this piece is to initiate conversation and spread happiness when people walk passed it. 


7 The Old Manor - Draft - Proposed.png

2018 to present

For the past three years I have been working for a small architectural design company. Throughout this time I have produced domestic architectural drawings for customers all over the South-East of the UK.

Above is a planning drawing for a loft conversion that I completed recently. 


Van Mockup.jpg


I have always enjoyed graphic design. Good quality graphics can make a project more realistic and more believable. Above is a project that I worked on for a new construction company named FinePoint. This body of work consisted of a total re-brand, including logo design, business cards, vinyl wraps, product decals, and signage. 




Joinery has always been a passion of mine. The Flexi Lamp - an industrial table lamp that enables users to adjust the neck of the lamp in order to create a more personalised form.




Urban and architectural photography is something that I love to do when exploring cities and when researching environments for design projects. Taking a photograph provides me with the power to take a snapshot of a particular scene and to later study it in great detail. This is especially valuable when it comes to analysing scenes for research purposes. Above is a photograph that I took in London. I like this image as it expresses great texture and depth.


The Ultra-Gull was developed after gathering many stories of people spending time in green space and being unpleasantly pestered by seagulls.

The Ultra Gull is a hand held ultrasound emitting wand that green space users point towards seagulls in order to deter them. The aim of this design is to allow user's to have a more pleasing, comfortable experience in green space. However, this is also a fun, comical device to use, meaning that users are going to enjoy using it. This device is designed to be played with and provoke conversation.






I first found my passion for photography when I moved to Brighton. Taking photos allowed me to explore the city in great depth as I would intentionally look for the details and moments that would allow for an interesting photograph. 

This is a photo that I took of an older gentleman taking a well deserved break after travelling. I love black and white photography as it makes the person observing the photography look at it with more intent and curiosity. It's the rawness of black and white imagery that is so attractive to me. 

Nearly all of my photography involves architecture. This could comprise of people interacting with it or myself interacting with it, trying to find the best angle and lighting to best capture a scene.